Frank Armijo in the Press

Frank Armijo – Change the Conversation – A discussion about the importance of teaching our children to believe that they can be successful, shifting the question from “Am I going to college,” to “What college am I going to?” Society, and especially parents, need to raise expectations in order to give hope to our children that they can surely be successful.

Frank Armijo on helping others during Covid-19 – An understanding on how we can use the Coronavirus pandemic to better ourselves as individuals and with our families.

Frank Armijo on the Wonderful Word “Volunteer” – A discussion of the history, importance and monetary value of volunteerism to society and individuals.

Frank Armijo – A Great Seed of Strength for Our Country – An exploration of the ways community and technical colleges are an indispensable foundation of an upwardly mobile society.

Frank Armijo – Preparing Today for the Grid Tomorrow – A discussion of the move towards renewable energy to provide electricity, and the need for advances in technology such as energy storage to accommodate the variety of power sources that are not always available when demand is highest.

Frank Armijo – Giving Back, Paying it Forward – An examination of the importance of giving back to the community, financially and with time; with an emphasis on the lasting impact giving of your time can have on others.

Lockheed Martin Computer Donation to Benefit Washington State University Tri-Cities Students – A report on the donation of 50 new laptop computers to the freshman class for their use during their first year at Washington State University by Lockheed Martin Information Technology.

Video Interview: Frank Armijo interviewed by BloombergNEF at the 2016 EMEA Energy Summit – Why Lockheed Martin is getting more involved in the energy industry and the technologies Lockheed is involved with.

Great Minds in STEM – Frank Armijo – Biographical profile of J. Frank Armijo describing his contribution to Lockheed Martin during his many years as Vice President of Energy Solutions, Information Systems and Global Solutions.

Video Interview: Frank Armijo interview at The Future of Energy Summit 2017 – Frank discusses Lockheed Martin’s headway in the industry in 2016, the more promising sectors Lockheed will focus on in 2017, and more.

OUR PRIDE: Frank Armijo Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award – An article from tú Decides describing the bestowal of the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award for Executive Excellence to Frank Armijo.

Lockheed Martin turns energy to juice growth – A discussion on the increasing importance of developing more efficient ways of using and producing energy and protecting against cyber-attacks as US defense spending continues to diminish.

Lockheed Martin Launches Energy Division – An announcement about the establishment of a new division of Lockheed Martin; Lockheed Martin Energy. This single commercial line combines the company’s energy and technology products into one business.

Frank Armijo receives The Award for Executive Excellence at Lockheed Martin – Presentation and acceptance speech.

Frank Armijo – 2019 Northwest Athletic Conference Hall of Fame Inductee – Official Website of the Northwest Athletic Conference list of Hall of Fame Inductees which include Frank Armijo in 2009.

Lockheed Martin Selected to Provide GridStar™ Energy Storage for New ComEd Microgrid Project in Chicago – Announcement about the agreement signed between Lockheed Martin and Chicago’s ComEd for Lockheed Martin to provide a GridStar Lithium energy storage system to the Bronzeville community microgrid project.

Frank Armijo – Gowanus Lounge – Helping Others – A discussion of programs established to create awareness, engaging in projects specifically geared at assisting the Hispanic community and providing opportunities for inclusiveness.

Lockheed says ‘flow’ battery will boost use of renewable power – An announcement of Lockheed Martin’s intention to develop a new type of “flow” battery made with nontoxic and inexpensive materials to help utilities save money and use more renewable energy.

Lockheed Martin plant to turn waste into energy – Discussion of the launch of a waste-to-energy plant at the Owego facility of Lockheed Martin which will process 8 tons of waste each day in order to provide power for 2,500 employees of the company.

Lockheed Martin and CoGen to Build Energy-from-Waste Plant in Wales – Announcement of agreement between Lockheed Martin and CoGen Limited to develop energy-from-waste plants in the United Kingdom, the first in Cardiff, Wales.

MeyGen Array Sets Global Records for Harnessing Tidal Power – The construction and testing phase of a 6-MW MeyGen array is completed, paving the way for the beginning of the operational phase of a power plant that will use tidal waves to produce energy in Pentland Firth in the UK, one of the most powerful tidal areas in the world.

Lockheed Martin Plugs Into Energy Security Market – In 2017 Lockheed Martin reported that its energy division doubled the amount of new orders of energy-related technologies, reaping the benefits of consolidating its energy portfolio.

Lockheed Martin Aiming To Launch Flow Battery To Make Renewables – Lockheed Martin announced their intention to launch a new flow battery made of inexpensive and nontoxic materials in order to increase renewable energy usage.

Lockheed Martin Commissions Gridstar Energy Storage System in NY – Lockheed Martin announced the installation of a GridStar Lithium energy storage system at the company’s Syracuse, New York facility. The new 1-MW facility will lower electricity bills and emissions for Lockheed Martin’s own operations and will also provide power to the New York Independent System Operator.

Lockheed Martin Energy Resilience Solutions – Lockheed Martin introduced the densest energy storage system available to support the US Army in its goal to improve resilience and readiness in the event of natural disasters, cyber attacks or other energy interruptions.

Tidal energy turbine with Lockheed Martin Technology deployed off Scotland – Atlantis Resources Limited launched a tidal energy turbine using new technology developed by Lockheed Martin. This was the latest development in the company’s MyGen project, deployed off the cost of Scotland, to provide clean, sustainable and predictable power for as many as 175,000 homes in Scotland, harnessing the renewable energy potential of tides.

Lockheed Martin turns to energy to juice growth – The decline in US spending on defense helped point Lockheed Martin in the direction of developing new energy technologies for utilities and industrial customers so they can use energy more efficiently and save money. The company is also developing defenses against cyber-attacks.

Lockheed Martin Donating Laptops to Columbia Basin College Students In 2007 Lockheed Martin donated 100 laptop computers to students attending Columbia Basin College who are enrolled in the CBC-Washington State Tri-Cities Bridges Program.

Frank Armijo speaking about higher education part 1

Frank Armijo speaking about higher education part 2